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Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN

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Re: [Help] Chevy Venture Minivan

said by Xstar_Lumini:

It will cost you about $1,300 when everything is said and done if not more.

You got ripped off. It should be under $1000 (down to $400-500 possibly) depending on the dealer or independent mechanic and if you are using OEM or aftermarket parts. Any GM dealership should be able to replace the LIM gaskets with their eyes closed.

If you Google "Chevy Venture antifreeze leak" you will find that among the first results is a class-action lawsuit against GM
for stupidly placing a plastic gasket where temps run very high and the dexcool burning that plastic,

Dexcool burns plastic? that's a new one. I've never heard that one before. Dexcool doesn't burn plastic. It doesn't get nearly hot enough to burn plastic. Hell, a engine ran without coolant isn't going to burn plastic. Melt maybe. The lawsuit was that original gasket design was flawed, allowing coolant to leak. As the coolant leaked, air entered the cooling system causing the coolant to form a sludge like material. If the system was kept at the proper level, the sludge would never form although other damage could still happen if the coolant would remain in the oil for an extended period.

when I fixed my van my mechanic put a ceramic gasket like all other cars have and told me not to use dexcool.

I'd like to know more about the ceramic gasket he used for the LIM replacement. I've never seen a ceramic gasket designed for cooling systems.