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Skyway Customer exploring rural BB options... StarBand?

Hey everyone. We're current SkyWay customers in Mississippi and are seeking a new provider in light of their financial woes. I've researched and read reviews on WildBlue, HughesNet, and StarBand. I am thinking of going with StarBand. If their service is comparable to SkyWay in terms of performance and reliability, we'll be ok. We do surfing, Youtube, and a little downloading. One thing we don't want to be impacted by is reduced speeds due to overcrowding which I've read is an issue with the other two providers.

Does anyone know of any other rural BB alternatives that don't have a big cash outlay for setup or at least reasonable? I've even looked to see if there are 3G providers and unfortunately in my part of the boonies, we get a signal, but is intermittent. I don't know if it's worth risking investing in equipment to get a stronger signal for internet. Any comments?

Also what happens to Skyway's airspace.. is it going up on ebay or are they renting from someone? :P

If anyone has any StarBand experiences, please share them.



Jay, OK
·exede by ViaSat
As long as you have a good view of the southern sky a little lower down than your skyway service then HN will put you on Spaceway # and it is not overcrowded and most everyone on that satellite is getting twice their plan speeds. I imagine starband would be a good option as well because they don't have a real large customer base but I ahve never had em so I couldn't say for sure. Skyway and starband are like Hughesnet used to be and lease the room on other companies satellites I believe. Hughesnet still does this for the KU systems. The only satellite they own I believe is spaceway 3 and the soon to launch Jupiter. Good luck on whatever you decide.
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