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lost service

Anyone know if the service is down? I'm in the Ny & all I get is the 1xrtt service connect, then it fails & says remote computer did not respond. I tried a reinstall to no avail...can anyone help plz?


Kansas City, MO

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Working normally in Oklahoma right now... call em and report it (not sure what good it will do but you never know)

One thing I would try is:

1. reprogram the modem (do the activation bit in the VM dialer software)

2. close the VM dialer software

3. go into network and sharing, change adapter settings, and delete the entry created by the VM dialer software

4. re-open the VM dialer software and re-connect

Good luck to you!

edit: working fine in Kansas as well.


Thx for the help it is greatly appreciated. I waited until Wednesday & everything was back to normal. Now it's Thursday and not working again. They have to be upgrading a towers or something. This is terrible though looks like I will be changing service.