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Fort Wayne, IN
reply to Smith6612

Re: [Internet] For anyone seeing speed issues...

I've been experiencing slow FIOS download speeds here in Fort Wayne, IN for the past week. I'm paying for 25/25, and while upload speeds are ok, download speeds are consistently around 1.5 ~ 2.5 Mbps. Time of day does not matter, nor does day of the week. It is consistent on 3 different PCs. I've reset the router, reset the ONT, and have gone to every speedtest site known to mankind.

They are sending a new router out this week, but I do not think that is the issue at all. Unfortunately, I have a MoCA connection, so I am not able to bypass the router to test a direct connection. Frustration does not even begin to explain my feelings at this moment.


Having Frontier DSL problems? You've got to let people know; elected reps, media, state regulators, neighbors, FCC, social media etc. Probably not going to get much done posting here.


Fort Wayne, IN
reply to fwmike
My slow download speeds were fixed. It was an incorrect cross-connect on their end. It was built to give me 2.5 Mbps instead of 25 Mbps. I can see one person accidentally overlooking this. But I called and talked to 5 different people. How could they all have missed this? Absolutely ridiculous.


reply to weaverville
Day 21 of my DSL disaster here in Weaverville. Yesterday was actually good but today it is back into sort of a start/stop mode


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