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Sherman, TX

Smoke ping problem.

Hi and thanks to anyone willing to help. I've read and used this site for years and I wish I were more knowledgeable and confident. I went to run a smoke ping because my cable 50 meg has gone to 10 megs, 300 ms plus latency, and consistent 50 to 90 percent packet loss. When I used to monitor it would start right away. Now, the test won't run and says it can't ping what I think must be a proxy address. I have to key in one of my addresses from ipconfig. my smoke ping ip was something like 124.xx.xx.x.x and now its 74.xxx.xx. just an example. Smoke ping ip was alwasy different, longer, and never unpingable like it is now. Does anybody think I might be infected or is it maybe my ip. It's bizarre that after all these years the test won't run and my ip is listed as a proxy. Thanks again.

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said by BLITTZIN:

Does anybody think I might be infected or is it maybe my ip.

Have you checked this FAQ? »Line Monitoring FAQ »My report says I am not pingable!

To me, that doesn't sound like the machine is necessarily infected, but perhaps having some network issues. You can check to see if you're IP is truly pingable here: »pingtest.net/


Sherman, TX

Hi and thanks for your feedback. The smoke ping went through even as I show proxy. I think it's network(cable1) and possibly a bad motherboard or hardware issues or all. I screwed up and ran combofix before the pros could check my hijack this. In my paranoid mind somebody might have turned my pc into a bot. Thanks again and peace always........