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Defrauding Customers

I have had Primus for years and they repeatedly told me I could only get 3mbps becauce of my location. When I changed provider I immediately got 5mbps. I have contacted them repeatedly and they always told me there was nothing they could do. I uger anyone using Primus to move to a provider who gives them what they pay for, e.g. Tekksavy or Acanac.


Maybe I was a bit hastey but I am very frustrated to find I have had poor service for years from Primus when I could have had good service for the same cost.


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Which ISP did you switch to? I thought they all fed off of Bell. I am surprised that you are getting faster speeds. What download speed are you now achieving?


Brampton, ON
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Sadly I too feel that Primus is playing games with me. Trained at full 5mbps no problem for years. Last week it dropped to below 2mbps. They claim bell "probably" changed something, and completely ignored that my service rate dropped and won't do anything as my degraded rate is well over their minimum 750kbps minimum spec.

I get the feeling they want me gone... was in early with their triple-value bundle, and make *very* good use of unlimited high-speed DSL.

Anyone know what Bell wholesale obligations are for minimum ADSL line rates? I did get the full 800/5056 for as long as I can remember.


·Primus Telecommu..
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@OP, Chances are you were being fed from a Central Office where Primus co-locates, and your loop could only attain a 3Mpbs profile because of it's distance. Once you switched to Tek, you were no longer being fed from the CO but rather a remote. (which is closer to your house, hence why you got the full 5Mbps)

While Primus does co-locate in a number of COs in Ontario, the majority of their customers use GAS (gateway access service) to reach Primus' equipment. (Like Tek)

@pkouri, Yes, the majority do use GAS to reach their customers.

@heavyduty, GAS is a regulated service, the tariffs are all on the CRTC website and on Bell's wholesale site. It's been recently raised by Bell to 6016/800 as of Feb, 2012 (only if you're on the legacy ATM network), and it's always been an "up to" service, no guarantees of speeds.

You also should of had screenshots of OrbMT or DMT, or even just your line stats, to prove to them that Bell moved you off their equipment and request to be put back on. It happens all the time! (A wholesale customer gets booted because Bell wants to put their own customer on it)