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reply to dlathem

Re: EL Customer Service/Tech Support SUCKS! But We Know That!

said by dlathem:

Today, my usually rock solid DSL speeds dropped from 3Mbs down to 172Kbs down. I did the usual stuff, unplugged power cycled and all that. I could not get any faster speed...all the lights showed green.

I called ELM to check for line problems. After waiting 30 minutes to talk with a tech support person I was told my account was inactive and therefore throttled.

Customer service came on and verified my account was in good standing and then sent me back to "Steve" in technical support.

Steve told me the line was fine and my modem needed replacing for a cost of 49.95 for a refurb, or free if I would sign a contract.

The modem works, but is not running at the normal speed.

I declined the purchase or free modem with contract and decided to perform more troubleshooting on my end.

About an hour later I called tech support back and got "Josh". I explained the problem and what I had done. He said I needed to be escalated up a level and very soon I was speaking with "Victor". (I wonder if Peggy works there too?).

Victor asked me to perform a speed test, which I did. He put me on hold and after 20 minutes the line automatically HUNG UP on me!

I get home and find that my ATT DSL service is BORKED! I perform my own test and see the connection going on and off and the speeds are changing every time the modem resets.

I call ATT and get a message about a regional DSL outage. I watched the issue at home for a few hours and it eventually clears up.

This morning my Earthlink DSL is just fine. I guess I did not need that new modem after all STEVE! Since ATT provides Earthlinks lines is it only expected that they would be impacted by a regional ATT DSL problem. I guess Steve, Josh, Victor and Pete never, ever thought of checking this aspect of their service.

Fortunately, I rarely have a problem with my Earthlink DSL line. When I do, I know I CANNOT rely upon ANYONE at Earthlink being competent to do ANYTHING about it...other than try to sell me a modem or get me on a contract.

Yes, their stock answer to DSL support requests (sync issues, speed issues, etc.) is to try to sell you a Modem or sell you a 12 month Contract (that gets you the new Modem for free by locking you into the contract) instead of actually pulling any line stats or checking with vendors to see if any outages or any issues exist.
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I just received an email wanting me to fill out a customer service satisfaction survey. I will have fun with that....then again they most likely will not even read it.