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Beaverton, OR

7x 10meg bonded DSL lines OR 2x 30meg EoC lines?

Alright, I currently run an ISP service for residential apartment buildings.

in 1 building we have 150 users and the current back haul is 7x 10 meg bonded DSL lines, all load balanced together.

I need more bandwidth. My options are to add more bonded DSL lines, which seems ridiculous because it's already cumbersome. Or move to Ethernet over Copper.

I can buy 2x 30meg Ethernet over Copper lines for a total of about 50% more than i'm paying for the 7x 10meg bonded DSL lines.

Should I move to the 2x 30meg lines? My gut tells me there is a lot of advantage of having 2x 30meg lines rather than 7x 10meg lines, in terms of the users experience. But I need a technical explanation for this gut feeling if I'm gonna make the move.


Milford, NH
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Unless you have caped users lower rare the max transfer rate for a single end user session is going to be the connection max, 10 Meg DSL or 30 meg Ethernet.

If the ISP connection is already maxed out at 70 Mbps not sure you want to give up 10, especially at a 50% premium. This of course assumes you are actually getting all the performance you are paying for with the DSL connection.



Beaverton, OR
reply to riaz
All my users are individually capped, some at 2mbps others at 5mbps.

Currently when I look into my load balancer at the 7x dsl lines, often I see one or two lines maxing out at around 10mbps, while others at 2mbps. This will happen for a few seconds and then rapidly change, but it happens often. I imagine every time that occurs some user is experiencing slow speeds because they are trying to download a webpage or a video, and receive slow response due to the max of the line they are on.

This makes me feel that 1x 30mbps line may be superior to lets say 4x 10 mbps lines? I feel like there is a technical explanation out there for this...

The 30mbps EoC will also have 30mbps upload where each of my 10mbps lines only have 1.5 upload. But my users don't upload much, so I don't see the upload adding much value.

New York, NY
Metro Ethernet is your solution... either delivered over copper or fiber (preferred). It is dynamically allocatable (meaning EoC will typically give you up to 100mb with just config changes) meaning your MRC may be a little higher, but you wont need load balancers to aggregate bandwidth...

This is the RIGHT solution...

honestly - I am not sure what type of ISP services you're offering, but i'm 100% positive you're in violation of your ISP's ToS, specifically the reseller portion.... get into a business class service (Metro Ethernet) and you're able to do this...

Just a FYI..... ISP *DO* go after people like that.... just look up what comcast and vz law suits for this...
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Just to let you know, you can obtain EoC quotes if you post a request here:
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