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Gulf Breeze, FL

Should I give U-Verse a try? (vs Mediacom)

I have Mediacom Cable & Internet in Gulf Breeze, FL. My internet is slow, and I'm not receiving all the channels I pay for since they changed their lineup recently. I have been unable to get these issues resolved via their Customer & Technical Support.

Thus, I'm considering AT&T U-verse even though it will be a price increase.. However, I'm unsure what to expect regarding installation, internet speed, TV quality, and service.

I would appreciate information, tips, etc. Thanks!

Orange, CA

In my humble opinion, (and also not knowing anything about Mediacom) U-Verse is great for internet, great for voice, but lousy for TV.

I celebrated Thanksgiving with a family that has U-Verse, and of course.... there were several football games on. The quality of CBS was horribile.... lots of artifacting around the players, very poor quality picture on rapid movement, really not a great picture at all.

Since I am not a football watcher, I turned on CBS this morning for the football game on my own TV which is served by DirecTV to compare quality, and it is definitly much better.

Again, I don't know the quality of Mediacom, but it has been my experience that satellite, FIOS, and cable all have a better picture quality in HD then U-Verse was. So that said, I don't recommend U-Verse TV.

I am however very happy with my internet connection. It is rock solid. Very fast.
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reply to JimRPh

Yes, you should definitely give U-verse a try. I have had U-verse TV, internet and phone for almost 3 years, and I am pleased with the service. U-verse comes with a 30 day money back guarantee which means if you decide that the service is not for you during the 1st 30 days of service, you can cancel everything and owe nothing. Thus, you have nothing to lose.

Give it a try and you can make up your own mind if the service fits your needs. Don't base your opinion of U-verse on what others say, based it on your own experience. The worst thing that can happen is that you decide the service is not for you, cancel and go back to Mediacom or some other TV provider.

Covington, LA
reply to JimRPh

If you have SD TV's, Uverse TV is equal to or better than cable. IMNSHO

Joliet, IL
·AT&T U-Verse

Def. try it out for yourself but U-Verse does have it's limitations. Depending on your distance you can get either 4HD, 3HD, or 2HD streams and your profile will determine which internet speed packages you will qualify for also. I have their 24/3 internet and it has been pretty rock solid. VOIP works as it should. My issue was the TV HD PQ and not enough streams/DVR space. I know U-Verse is putting 500 GB drives in their STB's but you are limited to one DVR. They are now using wireless STB's though which eliminates have to run wire through the house/walls if needed and they do have whole home DVR. Also, HD stream usage will take away from your internet bandwidth.


Gulf Breeze, FL
reply to JimRPh

I use Uverse for internet only and have been very happy. I use Dish for my TV. We had Mediacom when we first move here (Tiger Point area). But dropped them because of poor picture quality on the local channels, and loosing the service everytime there was a thunderstorm. I switched to Dish and have been very happy with the picture quality. Now we have a HD TV and the picture quality is awesome! I get 12mbs for my internet speed with Uverse and it is rock solid. We have neighbors who have Uverse TV and internet and they are pleased with the service. Give it a try, and compare side by side with Mediacom for 30 days then decide!

Gulf Breeze, FL

I appreciate all the feedback, so far, especially from my own neighborhood. I'm definitely leaning towards U-verse at the moment.