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Speeding up the PC and browser

scratch file for photoshop CS3 and that made a world of difference. I have a fast i5 2500K CPU overcI've been trying out a ramdisk program for about two weeks now and it has speeded up my PC quite a lot. I have a 64 bit win 7 system with 16 Gb of ram and rarely see any memory use over about 20 - 25%. Someone on another forum was talking about this free ramdisk program »memory.dataram.com/products-and-···/ramdisk so I thought I would give it a try.

The program saves the ramdisk contents on shutdown and reloads them on start-up. The free version limits the disk size to 4 Gb which seems large enough for my use.

Windows sees the ramdisk as a physical disk and gives it a drive letter. I directed the Firefox cache, windows Temp, and TMP files to the ramdisk and watched the results for several days. The Firefox browser was immediately speeded up. Pages come up instantaneously - there is no lag at all. When the mouse is clicked the page is loaded. The ramdisk size never went over about 60 - 80 Mb so I had plenty of plenty of room left.

Next I directed Autocad Temp and template files to the ramdisk. I use autocad quite a bit and there was a big speed increase in template files loading. They just jump out. I really could not see any improvement in other parts of the program, but I may try moving some of the X-refs to the ram disk and see if that makes any difference. After loading the autocad stuff the ramdisk size still did not get over 80 - 100 Mb so I still had room.

Next I set up a 2 Gb paging file on the ramdrive and deleted the page file on the physical disk. I'm not too sure it that has improved anything or not. Excel may be a little faster, but it was pretty fast to begin with so I'll just keep watch for awhile.

The only downside so far has been the shutdown and start up times. Both are increased after installing the drive. The program is slow to save the ramdisk contents and slow to load them up so a reboot takes about 2.5 minutes with the disk and about 1.5 without.

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Some info on ramdisk: »/nsearch?q=ram···10169549