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New York, NY
reply to suceress

Re: Formerly Unlimited (really) 3G card

said by suceress:

Maybe you can get your lawyer friend to draft a formal letter to them. Most things require you have written notice. If you still have time, you should send them a written letter stating that you do not agree to the change.

Good idea, thanks. I'll run it by him.

said by suceress:

You might ask them for a credit to your account for your trouble since they violated the contract and reduced your service.

Hadn't thought of that either, thanks. However to ask for a credit concedes that the change has taken place. My current position is that they have not assessed me any overage fees and so far have not broken the contract. Furthermore I have told them I'm proceeding on the basis that I expect cooler heads to prevail at Sprint and that they will not, in the end, break the contract. Consequently I have not been damaged or injured by them yet, and therefore am not requesting any sort of recompense for that damage or injury.

said by suceress:

What did they say to you on the phone when you informed them of your decision?

They were extremely upset. They never said A WORD about the 30-day clock on the ETF waiver. Instead they tried their damnedest to persuade me to cancel the account and accept the waiver. They obviously didn't have a script for someone who refuses to cancel and refuses to accept the waiver. In fact, the first rep really seemed very uneasy. After trying to persuade me for about ten minutes, he transferred me to his supervisor (I didn't even ask to speak to him), who then basically had exactly the same conversation with me. I had the distinct impression they were improvising, and really were at a loss. Definitely not the response they were expecting.