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Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
reply to bohratom

Re: Say goodbye to ClearQAM

said by bohratom:

Correct me if I am wrong but Fox and other local broadcast stations are charging providers now for the content. In this case, local broadcasts use to be free to the cable companies, now they are charged for those rights.

Local full power stations have must-carry privilege that can force a local cable company to carry their signal. In exchange for being must-carry, the local station can not charge a fee for carrying their signal.

However, they can opt to charge a fee, but then they lose their must-carry privilege and the cable company can tell them to go fly a kite. Most cable companies will want to carry the local stations as they would be in demand, but if the station wants too much they don't have to carry them. That's why there have been more and more disputes in recent years where the cable companies drop a local station for a short period because they can't work out a contract, or the television station runs a crawler that says "You might lose this station next week because cableco refused to pay a fair amount for you to be able to watch this station..."