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Re: Say goodbye to ClearQAM

I can understand the benefits of fully controlling their lines remotely, and leaving things hooked up - it's bound to save them a boatload of money.

Here's the thing though - they (ALL cable companies that do this) need to offer the following in return to paying customers:

1) Ability to BUY a cablecard - If I still had cable, I'd be getting a new tuner for my HTPC. Those with Tivo also have to get a card... Renting a card is absurd for OWNED equipment, and it's already a rather "standardized" thing.

2) Ability to BUY a dirt cheap HD"DTA" box of some type, or rent one dirt cheap (under $5/mo, or less than their standard boxes).

I'm not at all opposed to Comcast, or any cable company wanting to do this. I am, however, opposed to the forced rental of one of their boxes to get ANY channels, and the forced rental of a simple card that allows access.

A person can buy a pretty much "idiot proof" Tivo these days (granted, you'd have to either buy 'lifetime' or monthly 'service' to go with it, which I still find slightly absurd, but that's beside the point), why can a person not buy the darn card for $10 or something?