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Max Signal
Buffalo, NY
reply to ArizonaSteve

Re: Formerly Unlimited (really) 3G card

Check out download speeds reported on this very forum by Millenicom/Sprint users . Virgin customers do no get access to the same back haul as Millenicom/Sprint customers . That is why Virgin was much cheaper. May not be right but that was little trick Sprint used to justify much lower price for Virgin data versus Sprint 3G. Sorry you had a bad experience with Virgin data offering . But in no way can you paint Millenicom /Sprint data with the same brush


New York, NY

Let me second the motion. When I had unlimited 3G with Sprint, I regularly downloaded between 15 and 20 gigs a month, with no problem. When it works, it works fine.

Unfortunately more and more video streams no longer work with 3G connections, even ones that are operating in spec (minimum of 600kbps). If they did, I'd be switching back to the 50 gig Millenicom package so fast it would make your head spin; unfortunate.

There is unlimited 4G available out there from Clear. Unfortunately they throttle if towers experience enough traffic, and they don't offer the automatic switchover if you're in a non-4G area, a critical consideration since the Clear WiMax 4G rollout became frozen in place incomplete several months ago.

Wireless 'N' WiFi DOES offer an unlimited 4G/3G 5 gig combo, utilizing Clear for the 4G and Sprint for the 3G. Unfortunately you still have to deal with Clear's throttling. In addition, who knows how much longer Sprint will allow that reseller to include Sprint's 3G as part of their package?

In fact, at this point, if one wants unlimited 4G without throttling, versus the only option is a Sprint smartphone through tethering.

One also had that option, for a while, with Verizon Wireless smartphones, but they took that away too.

However both Sprint and Verizon Wireless now offer 4G phones with docks that mimic the computer experience. I gather the docks can even be hooked up to computers so one can operate the phones remotely (others here may know more about that, and whether that's accurate). Sprint offers the combination of the Photon phone and the Motorola Lapdock for a total of $450. Verizon Wireless offers the combination of the Razr and the Moto Lapdock for $500. This way you don't have to trigger the hotspot limitations. And Verizon Wireless now offers a special holiday offer of a 20 gig plan on their smartphones, which might make sense if you figure Sprint's about to kill their unlimited smartphone 4G deal (as many believe).

I'm seriously thinking about this option. If I sacrifice some of my news viewing I could bring myself down to 40 gigs a month, I think, and go with Verizon Wireless (assuming Sprint kills unlimited 4G on their smartphones). Then I only need two smartphones and the lapdock. I already have the HDTV and the external hard drive. The monthly cost with Verizon Wireless would be $160. If I went with the Sprint combo, the monthly cost would be $70, but if they impose a data limit I would still probably be better off with Verizon Wireless, since LTE is superior to WiMax.




said by criggs:

Wireless 'N' WiFi DOES offer an unlimited 4G/3G 5 gig combo, utilizing Clear for the 4G and Sprint for the 3G. Unfortunately you still have to deal with Clear's throttling.

We have been using the Wireless N Wifi plan since October 2010 in four different locations. We have only used 3G when traveling between the four cities in an RV, so that cap hasn't concerned us.

Our 4G usage exceeds 30GB EVERY month, and some months it has gone as high as 62GB (in Manhattan no less), and we have never experienced any sort of throttling. At what level is the throttling supposed to kick in?

Those guys have been super nice to work with, with English speakers answering the phones even on weekends. They have always been quick to answer questions and great when we needed to make billing changes.

The one time we had a problem last summer Karen had it resolved in less than 4 hours.

I'm just sayin . . . .


New York, NY

Very interesting, thanks. Especially considering the fact that I'm in Manhattan too!

It's looking more and more like I may go with Wireless N WiFi. I've also been hearing rumors that Sprint may kill the unlimited 4G on their smartphones as well, though of course they're still denying that.

The telltale sign which makes me thing they're lying is the data count on my personal Sprint page.

When I first got these two accounts, the smartphone and the unlimited 4G modem, they kept NO running count at all of the data I downloaded on the 4G network, only the 3G network. Since I sorta wanted to track my usage, just to know what it was, you see, I called them about that. They said point-blank "no need to, since it's unlimited; why tie up our resources with something like that?"

I took that to mean that they really didn't give a you-know-what, and unlimited meant unlimited.

Well, about a month BEFORE they yanked the unlimited on the 4G modem, a 4G counter suddenly popped up on my account page for the unlimited 4G modem. And, of course, a month later they made the announcement that they were reneging on the unlimited 4G for the modem.

Well, here's the kicker: they've now instituted a 4G data counter on my personal account page for the smartphone as well! Not a good sign. They're still saying unlimited, but that's what they were saying a month ago with the unlimited 4G modem, so I'm getting a bad feeling about this.