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reply to mary riggs

Re: $34.95 magicJack PLUS to existing customers

I know that people have been seeing this offer for the past week or so. It hasn't shown up for me yet. If you get the link from someone else it will recognize it isn't "your" offer and will reject it. I even called MJ because I am about to expire and NetTalk is offering better pricing (and they claim better service, certainly better customer service than MJ) to existing MJ cusomters for the NT2 than MJ is offering for the MJ+ unless you have this offer. They said no dice, nothing they could do, and that they have no authority. They did offer to explain to me how to get my very own MJ+ for "just" $69.95. No thanks! If my MJ contract is up (in 2 wks) before I see the offer then I am going to switch to NT2. If they present me the offer I will buy the MJ+. I told them that and they still wouldn't budge. Oh well, the ball is in their court. I don't think NT is any worse than MJ so it isn't like it would be a step down if that happens.

btw, I do think they have screwed the proverbial pooch on their policy of not transferring accounts. They are seriously alienating loyal users that bought long term contracts just so they can keep their revenue instead of applying it to the upgraded account. I am sure this is some MJ exec's brainchild thinking people will keep their MJ and still buy the MJ+. Instead, people are furious about this latest bonehead move by MJ and are going to NT or elsewhere out of anger and spite. I don't blame them. Plus, anyone who knows that MJ is screwing their loyal customers like this won't even consider buying more than a year commitment. It isn't worth the possible $10 per year savings to potentially lose 2 or 3 years of prepaid service when they come out with the next new thing. Or, worse yet, you feel stuck and trapped with the old technology because you've prepaid. So, their short term greed is going to bite them hard in the end.

Geez, I could teach Dan and his bozos a thing or two about business and marketing. Oh, and customer service. Then again, anyone who has ever bought anything in their life could teach MJ a lot.