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Saint Louis, MO

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UVerse 2Wire WiFi Dropping Devices and Intermittent Internet

Problem: Service and 2Wire WiFi network had been stable for months, but in the last two weeks has begun (1) dropping devices, such as wireless networked printers (will print on reboot of 2Wire); (2) poor to no internet throughput to A/V devices that worked well a couple of weeks ago (e.g., Wii, WiFi BluRay player, and Boxee Box), and today no streaming services (e.g., Netflix) could connect to the Internet over any of these devices – always a not connected to internet error. Some relief on complete reboot of 2Wire (unplug, wait 30 seconds, plug, wait for Broadband and Service lights to go solid green, replug, reset button, wait for Broadband and Service lights to go solid green), but then it starts losing devices again. Significantly, internet on PCs appears to be (relatively) unaffected (though there may be some sluggishness).

A long chat session with Tier 1 Tech support resulted only in a change of wireless channel, which I had already done. Have full transcript, but the meat of it is “I changed your wireless channel to Channel 11 because sometimes that helps intermittent service.” Rupesh was my agent and the case number is G02090395.

Would appreciate any help possible (particularly if I missed any additional particular steps that I should take before you try to help)!

12/01 Update: I have now found UVrealtime and will install and analyze (I'm trying to make it easy for potential helpers but the information is so fragmented.). I am planning to install an E4200 and use the 2Wire RG as a bridge. Any opinions on whether I should just go ahead and rebuild the network from scratch the way I wanted it and then troubleshoot, if necessary?

Clay Johnson


Screenshot or write down your custom settings that you may have configured yourself in the RG, then factory reset the RG by holding down the red reset button on the back for 12 seconds. It is extremely common for the RG to bug out after firware pushes and one of the first things that acts up is the DHCP assignment (most recent bug is the security type defualting to just WPA after a reboot instead of WPA+ WPA2).
As long as you don't have bad line problems or terribad 2.4Ghz interference in your home, then the factory reset will cure the problem. Just make sure that if you were using non default wifi settings before the reset, that you dial them back into the RG prior to connecting your wireless devices.


Atlanta, GA
reply to onefear
Strangely I just had UVerse installed and the 3600HGV gateway will not synk up with a LAN cable plugged in. Note that this LAN device may be setup with conflicting IP info, which may be the issue. Even so an IP conflict shouldn't bring down the entire DSL sync!