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Oscoda, MI
reply to Confuzzle

Re: [Help] CoreAVC/FFD Show/ MPC-HC, and Halli

said by Confuzzle:

Depends on what you are trying to do. I will assume you want CoreAVC to decode video while FFD decodes AAC audio.

Open MPC-HC > options > internal filters

uncheck MP4/MOV under Source Filters (also Matroska if you want Haali to be used for mkv files)
uncheck AAC under Transform Filters click apply then ok.

Go to All Programs > Haali Media Splitter > Haali Media Splitter Settings > Options > Output

Click on "Use Custom Media Type for H.264" and set the value to NO

Go to All Programs > FFDShow > audio decoder configuration

click on codecs and set libavcodec for AAC then click apply and ok

That should do it.

Would it be better to use Haali that comes with CoreAVC? In which order do I install the programs?
WinXP Pro SP3


Seems that it would be better to use the Haali version that comes with CoreAVC (they fixed a MP4 bug). Well I suppose ffdshow then CoreAVC also once you install ffdshow go to all programs > ffdshow > video decoder configuration
Click on Direct Show control and make sure the merit is set to normal do the same for ffdshow > audio decoder configuration.

I forgot 1 last step .. once you have everything installed and set open mpc-hc > options > external filters

click on add filter then look for CoreAVC Video Decoder and ffdshow Audio Decoder and set them to prefer after adding them make sure the boxes are checked.