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Re: Why we have caps

Are you serious? Comcast has been one of the biggest offenders when it comes to overselling an aging network, a network I might add that has more than it's fair share of problems during off peak hours let alone high demand times.

I hear almost weekly if not monthly from those I know with their service how bad it is. Between random outages, jitter, hosted email issues, terrible pricing plans, forced bundles, crappy customer service...I can go on. If there was any competition in it's truest sense, this company would be gone by now.

You keep believing their claims, some of them worded like a tragic comedy at times...and keep blaming those who have paid faithfully for services that were, shall we say, not as expected, or as marketed.

BTW, so you have a clue, it's not the bandwidth BT uses that congests horrid networks like Comcast's....it's the amount of connections....which had they not oversold their networks to the point of bursting....would not even be a problem.

So, keep defending the inferior product...that won't make you look dumb.