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West Tenness

Overages are bullshit

If caps exist because of congestion then how does overages help? Aren't you still allowing congestion? As long as the "hogs" can afford to pay the overages then you are going to still have congestion issues. And before someone chimes in and says that overage money will pay for infrusture improvements, the problem with that logic is that improvements are in the future and the congestion is NOW. How is an improvement YEARS in the future going to help me NOW if you're allowing congestion to continue?

And before someone else chimes in and says caps aren't really about congestion, yes I know that. Hence why both the caps and overages are bullshit.

If an ISP actually has a congestion issue that is so bad it requires a cap them they can't also allow people to go over that cap even if they are willing to pay. A cap with overage really isn't a cap.

Mary Esther, FL

Caps are not needed. I wish we can tell Congress to pass a bill that will FORCE ISP's to not cap their customers, keep their rates reasonable and bring competition nationwide..

I think this is what the Mayans saw in Dec 21st 2012, people going offline and cable co's go bankrupt because they can't use what they are paying for