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reply to verizon12345

Re: Karl although I love your commentary..

Karl does a great job.

This is one of the few times that the FCC was 100% right.
Tmobile, has been cash positive for over the past 2 years. Having a 4th provider will drive prices down and keep verizon and att in check.

Tmobile can easily have a 4G path, they could use the same multi mode antenna's Sprint will and start converting there PCS, and AWS over to LTE over time.

Also spectrum wise ATT in most of the largest markets use less than 50% of there spectrum. ATT is like a warehouse.

Also, with providers like LS,Dish,Clearwire there is NO need for ATT or Tmobile to say they need specturm so so bad.

But all in all you are clearly an ATT employee .


Nashville, TN
said by rlharris02:

But all in all you are clearly an ATT employee .

The only thing that's clear is he is able to see that there are shades of grey in this world and often there's more than one side to an argument.

Unlike many (most?) posters in this forum. And the author of this editorial.