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Lawrence, KS

FCC public investment jobs claim

"One point where Cicconi is not wrong is in his criticism of the FCC's own hypocritical job claims. The FCC recently crowed that their new USF reform plan would create 500,000 new jobs..."

Karl, the FCC does not hypocritically conclude that public investment in broadband creates jobs but private investment does not. That is just Jim Cicconi's self serving distortion of the FCC's reasoning.

Instead, the FCC and AT&T are actually on the same page that investment in broadband will spur job growth. (The veracity of that claim for both the FCC and AT&T is a topic for another time.) But the FCC rightly concludes that any job creation that would occur from AT&T LTE broadband deployment would not be exclusive to approval of the AT&T-T-Mobile merger.

This is an excerpt from what I wrote in another forum:

"Deployment of 4G LTE to 97 percent of the population might create the direct/indirect job years that AT&T projects. I will give AT&T that. Nevertheless, those jobs are not a merger specific benefit. The numbers do not lie -- AT&T already has the spectrum, infrastructure, and finances to achieve the same level of 4G LTE deployment and supposedly concomitant job creation on its own."

In a nutshell, because AT&T can (and probably will) accomplish 97 percent LTE deployment without T-Mobile, any job growth that would result from that LTE deployment is not attributable as a public interest benefit of the merger.


This ^ x2. Ciccone's argument is complete garbage.