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reply to TelecomMaven

Re: Too much BS from Karl

said by TelecomMaven:

said by komal:

Karl stop your whining and analyze things from a more intellectual perspective.

Your writing is childish.

If you were a bit more objective in the beginning and then posted your own thoughts near the end of the piece, it would make for a better read but having to hear you insult or whine about everything in every paragraph is so obnoxious.

If BBR pays you for this stuff, they should stop doing so now, and hire a journalist instead of a blogger.

Say Komal! Why don't you just stop reading Karl's posts and save some space for people who have something more profound to say about Karl's analyses and opinions? You sound like a Cicconi sidekick from sour grapes AT&T.

Any telecom lawyer other than Cicconi and his minions would tell you that AT&T completely bungled its attempt to get this merger through via its arrogant attitude toward regulators, and the ham-handed attempts to convince everyone of its so-called, but truly laughable "facts" and "job growth projections."

Come on, admit it!

Your first couple of lines are very funny because the very same thing could be said about your reply. If you don't like it, don't read it and don't reply to it. But you're a hypocrite so I'll take your future ramblings less seriously.

And you must not have been able to comprehend my post or you'd notice I never even touched on or discussed the AT&T issue.

I was discussing the (lack of) quality of the writing. Amusingly, you accuse me of being an AT&T sidekick when again, I never touched on that topic, which only makes you sound like a Karl sidekick.

Maybe after you've been around for longer than a year, you can post a response instead of rambling on.