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Atlanta, GA

DSL Reports Need Unbiased Reporting

I love how every one of the "news" posts on this site completely have a slant. Whatever happened to unbiased news reporting?


Port Saint Lucie, FL
·AT&T U-Verse

Go do some history checking. There has not been one large merger in the past 40 years that has;

1. Keep all the employees between both companies.
2. Reduced costs to the customer.
3. Provided customers with more choices.
4. Benefited anyone but the buying corporation.

There might be one exception over that time but I cannot think of any.


·Time Warner Cable

While those facts may be true, its also:

1. A US based company purchasing the assets of a foreign owned company (DTelecom).
2. DT has already stated that they want to pull out of the US.

AT&T probably should have let T-Mobile, its customers, employees, and everything it has drop in value (contributing to the already bad economy), and pick over the bones of T-Mobile after it is worth less that it is (and was).

- Sprint can't afford T-Mobile
- VZW could but probably wouldn't want or need to (have to convert all those GSM/HSPA+ subs to CDMA / LTE)
- Regionals couldn't afford it.

This leaves the following options:
1. T-Mobile gets its 'bailout' from AT&T failure as well as spectrum, and becomes a regional/urban only carrier similar to Metro PCS/

2. T-Mobile / AT&T will become a 'big' company (kinda like how VZW is Verizon + Vodafone).


Dallas, TX
reply to ianmichael

said by ianmichael:

I love how every one of the "news" posts on this site completely have a slant. Whatever happened to unbiased news reporting?

Look at the top of BBR's initial page it says:
Note: We're able to pay for good user-contributed content
any takers?

BTW I think Karl and the FCC is 100 accurate in this issue.


New York, NY
reply to en103

Or a dark horse, an Apple or a Google or Facebook buys it. Could happen..

My views are my own.
reply to Stumbles

I think your view on mergers is pretty off base.

Jobs are naturally lost during a merger - that's a given.

Prices aren't necessarily always going up JUST because of the merger.

Choice? ... ever since Comcast and Time Warner have consolidated and merged with other smaller systems into a larger entity, I've had FAR more choices in services. And, as of today, there are many companies out there providing even more options.

I'm sorry, but can't agree with you in general on your post. There's not just one exception either. Those who are anti-corporation are always going to share your view. Just because a corporation does something doesn't mean it's evil. Some people just can't agree with anything a corporation does yet they continue to benefit from these mergers, whether they see it or not.

Not all mergers are good and I'm NO fan of this AT&T crap.. but your post and view is way off base.