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Mary Esther, FL

Video Product..

This is to protect that.. however, as more and more people CUT THE CORD.. I think this bullshit will cease. I'm not against cable co's making $$$ I'm against them abusing their power and telling us what we can do. I'm not a gamer but I do watch movies online and this new format will shut down netflix, blockbuster and any online media all because people can't go over their monthly caps. I do believe once the general (non BBR USER) learns about this shit, the revolution will begin and people will be pissed.

I refuse to pay for a channel I rarely watch, ESPN and they are the BIGGEST reasons why cable's rates are going up.. heed my warnings CEO's..

My days of being a cable customer are numbered and will just have ultimate interent and a HULU/Netflix TV and an over the air antenna.

We gotta cut back and don't have $140.00 for DVR, three premiums and infomercials.

Press one for English, press 2 for Spanish is one big reason why Americans don't have jobs.. (illegals) but that's a whole other rant