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reply to hhahn

Re: [Rant] Why is Comcast blatantly LIEING again in advertising?

said by hhahn:

So again...now what's the reason I shouldn't be mad about an increase in fees if my service is not improving?

Try using the same reason(s) why you are not mad about food prices increasing with food taste or safety not improving; electricity prices going up with service not improving; gasoline prices increasing without a corresponding octane increase; airline fees, bank fees, postage rates, taxes... pick whatever increase you wish.

Your topic started out about how Comcast blatantly lied again in advertising, yet you seem to be more upset about the $2 per month modem fee increase. You even said
said by hhahn:

Believe me, if I had the option to not be reamed with yet another fee, I wouldn't be complaining.

So, which is it - lies or fees?


Pleasanton, CA
Comcast is increasing rental because THEY CAN.

Nothing we can do about it ;'(
They have loads of money already, just want more, so much greed.

Now if they were doing a fiber rollout, well okay then.