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New York, NY
reply to suceress

Re: Formerly Unlimited (really) 3G card

said by suceress:

I meant you should request a credit to your account IF they go ahead and violate your contract. But do be sure to let them know of your intentions in writing. You may want to send the letter certified return receipt so they can't claim they never got the letter. Have your lawyer friend confirm that you signed and sent the letter if they try to give you grief.

Good advice; thank you.

said by suceress:

The opera thing sounds cool. I wish I could stream music and such on Hughesnet, but it sucks too much for that. Hence my intention to get a new ISP asap.

If you're an opera fan, I suspect you'll really like my brother's web site, »:OperaCast.com . It is a program guide for all live operatic programming around the planet that's available on line, with links to all the live streams. Invaluable. I leave one of my browser windows on their schedule pages every Saturday and Sunday, which are the busiest opera broadcast days of the week.