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Santa Rosa, CA

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Re: Laymans terms

said by FFH5:

said by rradina:

Applied to ISPs, it means going to 100% UBB where they charge less for off-peak hours and more for peak hours. There could even be "free" periods much like cell companies offer free nights and week ends. The free periods would cause the "hogs" to make sure their activity is performed when most other folks don't use the system.

That is an interesting idea on how to manage bandwidth usage and is worth a try by a big ISP just to see how it worked.

But, it's not necessary to charge during peak time - the fix is simply to slow the fastest user down to the level of the next-heaviest user. Iterate until the link is not congested.

Cisco implements a "weighted fair queuing" solution that basically achieves this outcome. The "hog" is slowed down a little when others want to "use the road", but is otherwise unimpaired - and not billed for bogus excesses!

See also my article here:
»corp.sonic.net/ceo/2011/12/02/we ··· eb-hogs/


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Derry, NH

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*said by greedy Verizon exec* Shhhh!!!! dammit don't tell them that we can effectively and inexpensively manage our existing network! then we can't make double-digit profits while simultaneously convincing the gov't that we need subsidies to bring affordable broadband to the rural US!