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Looking at the bigger picture
reply to FFH

Re: Quadruple for Comcast & TWC - Verizon supplies cell service

said by FFH:

But will it actually be better than dealing with Verizon directly for cell service?

I can tell you that for POTS it usually wasn't. I have seen more than one customer become irate when Verizon didn't fix their phone. Typical scenario:

AT&T customer calls in a trouble to AT&T.

Verizon truck shows up to greet customer. 'What are you guys doing here? I don't have Verizon anymore... I have AT&T.'

'Sorry, you may not know it but you still have a Verizon line. AT&T just sends you the bill.'

Proceed to demarc on side of customer's house and find POTS working just fine. ANI the number so customer can hear their line working.

'Yeah, but the phone in the house doesn't work!'

'Sorry, we are only responsible for the dialtone up to this point. We will turn the trouble back to AT&T and they will have to send someone to fix the problem in the house.'

'Well when will that be?!'

'I have no idea.'

'Wait! You can't leave! I need my phone!! VERIZON SUCKS!!!'

'Bye, have a nice day.'


Henderson, KY

That's what those "no fault" inside line plans are for.


Rochelle Park, NJ
reply to CXM_Splicer

Let me see what are you saying?who do you blame for this scenaro?

Looking at the bigger picture

Blame? I don't know that I was trying to blame anyone really... only to point out the inefficiency of a middle-man reselling another provider's service and how it's the customer that gets caught in the middle. And, I can assure you, this is not a made up scenario (well except for the Verizon Sucks comment) it has happened to me more than once.

If I were to point fingers, I would say there is enough blame to go around:

1 - The regulators who came up with the silly idea that forcing wholesale would be good for competition.

2 - AT&T for automatically requesting Verizon dispatches on all of their 'no dialtone' troubles. And for not explaining to customers that they still have lines from Verizon.

3 - Verizon for having such crappy service that a customer would even think of going to AT&T.

4- Customer.... hmmm, sorry, I can't think of anything to blame on them.