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Mason City, IA

Odd issue calling a Qwest number as of the past week.

I have Vonage, have had it since 2006. I have a Ames number, live in Mason City. Just in the past week when trying to call a relative who has Qwest, I dont hear anything. No ring tone, nothing. They tell me it rings just fine on their end. And they can call me just fine. In the past I have gotten a message that says "this # does not accept unknown callers" or something to that effect and I had to put in my phone number, then it works.

"this # does not accept unknown callers"

That line indicates that the person you're calling does not accept calls from anonymous numbers, which means you called them by dialing *67-xxx-xxxx when you dialled the number. I'm sure you knew that much though.

I had the same issue calling my sister, who is on Comcast, after she changed her number, for a couple days, and then suddenly, it just started working correctly.

She has had that issue when calling me from her cell phone, and has ever since I got Vonage, at the beginning of this year. She has one of those freebie 200-250 minute phones. I do have my Vonage adapter set to block anonymous calls, but she still can't call, and get's that message, even with it unchecked.
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