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[Unstable] Asus P7P55D-E & i5 760 OC Fail

Hello everybody! First of all, sory for my english, i'm from Argentina, tnx for read.

I have a "new" computer with this main components:

Intel i5 760 @ 2.8Ghz
MB Asus p7p55d-e
Zalman 9900Max
Kingston HyperX @ 1600mhz 4Gb x 4
MSI 6870 HAWK 1Gb
LianLi 850Max

In default configuration works fine, without freezing or BSOD, but the memory run @ 1333mhz, because blck default is 133. (CPU Idle temp 32°, full load 55°)

The problem comes when increase blck to 160. The RAM runs ok @ 1600mhz (1.65v & 1.2v), but the processor goes to 3.3ghz. I've tried increase the vCore several times, include to 1.3v, but OCCT, Prime95, Intel Burn test sometimes get freeze and speaker make "beep", like when the computer starts... but never starts, and I have to push reset.

The last configuration i've tried is blck 160, vCore 1.32 and ratio 18, this give 2.89Ghz, but the result it's the same.

What I can do? I think MB does not support overclocking.

Tnx from now!


Waterloo, ON
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I have that same motherboard and processor; with 4x2GB Mushkin DDR3 1600 CL7 ram and a scythe mugen 2 cooler and I have had no problems over clocking. I have had the system stable at 4.3ghz (1.35ish v), however i choose to run at 3.8ghz (1.2v).

I don't remember what settings I used, next time I reboot I will write them down and post them.

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You can not just be like, herp derp I am going to up everything.

Please post your voltages...

You are likely running to low of a vtt, or too high.

What BSOD are you getting?

Also you do not raise the baseclock to up the ram speed, you change the ram multiplier. if your only goal is to get 1600mhz ram speed... just change the ram multi from 1333 to 1600, and use the xmp profile.

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ok, try this...
Install a good temperature monitoring program, before you go into BIOS for overclocking. I like RealTemp.
--enable xmp
--use 24x158=3800mhz, ram at DDR3-1580, or
--use 23x165=3800mhz, ram at DDR3-1650, or
--use 22x???, or whatever you like, but don't take your ram very much over 1600.
--Set QPI to the lower frequency
--OC Tuner = good perf.
--CPUv = 1.28125
--IMCv = 1.225
--DRAMv = use CPUz-SPD to get your 1600mhz requirement.
--PPLv = 1.8375
--PCHv = 1.10
--LLC = enabled

Be sure to disable all those energy saver, thermal adjuster type features like speedstep, etc. That might be why your overclocks are failing.

You can go higher, but see how the temps on that Zalman are running first.

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New York, NY
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any luck on your overclocking?..

And have you try using Auto Turning in the bios? and what do you get from that?

Seneca, SC
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I have the same mobo and a i5-750. Runs at 4.4ghz stable at 1.3v.
To instantly hit 4ghz you can just set the profile to XMP, blck to 200 and muti to 20 or 21.

Kinda early but heres a guide i used and then tweaked from there.