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Charlotte, NC

Cable modem problem

Has anyone had any experience using a Ubee modem/router with VT?

My cable company upgraded my modem and since then I have had lots of problems with incoming calls going to my network down forward.

I have tried port forwards, changing servers, changing SIP ports, but the issue will not go away. Outbound calls work just fine.


Mason, OH
Is this a VT provisioned device? Double check stun and nat settings on ata. Also if the modem has SIP alg turn it off. For testing you might want to disable SPI firewall.


Charlotte, NC

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I provision the device (PAP2) STUN settings are the same as they have been for years. Only thing that changed is they gave me a modem/router combo vs a standard modem. TWC said its the only modem I can use with the new Extreme Speed tier.

There are no settings for ALG in the modem and I have turned all of the firewall functions off except for NAT.


Cary, NC

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Head over to the RoadRunner forum, lots of info re using the combo modem/router. Until you get this figured out, pull out your old router and have TWC help you turn off NAT Routing functions. And configure the router for Bridge mode.

RIP goose
Rochester, NY
reply to zaxcom
For what it's worth, I have an Ubee modem (separate router) and it works fine with VT. I agree with CajunWon's advice as to how you should proceed.


Charlotte, NC
I think I found the issue and it not on my end. I changed servers to megatron and all calls are coming thru again. As a test I tried optimusprime and calls started going to network down forward, same as they did on bumblebee. There seems to be something about the servers in NY that dont work with my system.


New York, NY
reply to zaxcom
An important thing to keep in mind with cable modems is that even though theyre plugged into the same place you plug your television into, cable modems need a much cleaner signal in order to work properly. To check your cable modem signal, take your television out to the ground block and plug it in. A ground block is used to keep dangerous high volts and currents from entering your wiring by things light nearby lightning strikes and from getting into your structure.