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Not To Be Confused Between Data Volume And Bandwidth

"The top 20% of users are hogging up 80% of the network's resources"

I would never buy that crap statement from greedy ISPs.
Whose network resources is that in the 1st place? Does the consumer have any control over their resources?

Think carefully of what the confusion they are actually causing.

They were never transparent to the public about how much bandwidth they made available versus the number of users they put up to share the pipe.Even if they were to claim numbers how sure are we that it's the TRUTH?

If an ISP is going to share 1Gbps of pipe among say 1 million users with 10Mbps accounts resulting in lots of complains that users never achieved speed results close to advertised speed should they be blamed for not abiding the FUP?

It's obvious the ISP's are the one that are overselling their capacity and they expect subscribers to play along their game?

Just like the article claims, ,don't get mixed up between data usage volume and bandwidth. The capacity of subscriber intake is related to bandwidth because it you have sufficient bandwidth you'll never need to put up with congestion even with 100% load that's if overall bandwidth is more than total customers usage. That's how floodless networks are plan. Excess bandwidth to absorbed peak traffic like they do in Tokyo's metropolitan network.

On the other hand, if you have insufficient bandwidth but you oversell your lines, the only way to call for more capacity is to ask consumers to take turns to go on the net while you continue to make everyone pay your monthly subscription fees.