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Westford, MA
reply to Jack Magic

Re: $34.95 magicJack PLUS to existing customers

Don't see the difficulty in getting one from their offer.
Click on the offer panel and you get a window that descibes it.
Click on the Click here for free trial
Enter your account email address and password
You get a window that shows the delivery address and the card number you last used.
Check the card type - credit or debit, or select a new card and then enter the number and check the type
Click the Complete Free Trial Request button that appears



1 edit
lol, you just fell for their latest deceptive ad. They plaster "2011 product of the year" all over the page and then they list "Magicjack +" then "free shipping" on the next line down so it actually says "magicjack + free shipping" People like you THINK they are buying the plus but really it's a plain MJ not a MJ+. If you don't have the specific offer panel you don't just click and get the offer. If you had actually gone thru the purchase you would have found it saying in very inconspicuous print "you will be billed 69.95 on day 31". Joke's on you bro.