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Milwaukee, WI
reply to saintj1

Re: Formerly Unlimited (really) 3G card

I want to thank all of you for an interesting discussion. I didn't expect this many posts. I figured it would be, "too bad, you're SOL". This is the best resource I have ever seen for a non-pro to find out what's what. I wish every industry had a forum like this.

That being said, I didn't see any mention of the actual "contract" that we have with Sprint. I have no idea where mine is, I have no idea what it said. It would have to say they can limit the throughput speed and amount of data at any time, for any reason or else they couldn't do this before your contract expired. I spent at least an hour with the Sprint tech where I lectured her about this may or may not be legal, but it's unethical. Finally when she couldn't get her supervisor on the phone, I told her I would take all 5 of my accounts and run, not walk to Verizon and Millenicom and I would steer all my friends to Millenicom where they offer a much better deal. She said they would waive the ETF for my one card still under contract. Not a very large victory, but it's what I asked for.

I have used Millenicom before for over a year and I liked them a lot - sort of like a mom & pop ISP. I think the guy ran it out of his house in Oregon somewhere. I knew the first names of the main tech and the manager. Unfortunately this cozy relationship came to an end when they kept knocking me down to rxtt. I told them I didn't want to connect at all if it wasn't EVDO and they said that could be done but it kept happening and I got tired of the slow speeds and switched back to Sprint. They said they were sorry to see me go and I said "me too". Can you imagine Sprint saying that?

Anyway, I was already having problems for at least the last month or so with Sprint. I was constantly getting the message "the site can't be found" again and again - like Amazon would be closed and Google would be out to lunch. Sometimes I would have to disconnect and reconnect and that would fix it. The speeds of 1.25 Mps down and .35 Mps up also were a big reason for my dissatisfaction. My reasoning for staying was if you can't give it to me fast at least you can give me lots of it! However, the next day after I wrote the original post I did a speed test. I don't very often because it's too depressing, but I got 2.25 Mps down and .65 Mps up - the next day too and today. Is there something going on? Did Sprint tweak something? I looked at that site that someone posted to see if Sprint has done work in the last 6 months and they did. This makes me feel a lot better about them because I can live with those speeds. I don't know how brisk Millenicom is these days although they probably would be using the same tower which is down the road about 5 miles. The messages about the sites can't be found have stopped also. I may have to think about this some more.


Max Signal
Buffalo, NY

Millenicom is a reseller of Sprint service . You would get no different speeds than a modem device issued directly from Sprint.


reply to saintj1

I get those problems of not being able to load pages on Hughesnet all the time. The errors are just constant no matter what time of day. I think someone said they did a thing where they had sort of rolling blackouts on certain sites for some users so that it wouldn't clog up the pages for other users, but I'm sure Hughesnet would never admit to it.

I'm hoping 5 bars from sprint gives good signal/speed and that I won't have too many outages. I know I can expect some outages when towers are jammed up.