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Edmonton, AB
reply to inasmuch

Re: [AB] Tired of SHAW - looking at TELUS: your experience?

currently i'm running shaw 100 unlimited and telus 25 turbo
i've done a few tests, and I'm leaning more to telus right now. on shaw it caps at 10,000kb/sec downloading multiple files. the telus caps at 3,000kb/sec when downloading 1 file. now the one benefit of the telus that i enjoy is its ability to connect to servers in the u.s. for example: The Onlive gaming platform is unplayable on shaw testing with unreal tournament III, you can't hit any of the targets as you can't move character without freezing every second. almost felt like 1 -10 frames per second if the game used frames instead of network speed. but tested with telus i get a decent speed like 20-25 frames, i could hit targets and kill a few players but it wasn't perfect. Onlive converts frames into network latency, so depending on what your latency to the server is, the better or worse the game runs. unreal tournament requires a really low latency in order to run good, I'm sure other games would run better such as batman and other slow paced games. shaw definitely loses in that category. onlive only has u.s. servers at this moment and they demand the best possible latency for smoothest game play it is why i used it in testing, i often connect to u.s. servers for video games such as world of warcraft and other MMO's as well as shooter games, so latency is a + for me. other than that they both play 1080p video files well on youtube, and i guess it also helps to be near one of the towers, the closest one is just 5 or 6 blocks from my house, i get my full 25 mbps and 3 mbps upload. that's basically my review of the 2 internet service providers.

Prince George, BC

so it sounds like you're attaining 80% of rated speed for shaw and 96% for TELUS

all in all, a very decent speed from both.... do you see fluctuations in your shaw?