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reply to Inssomniak

Re: [Equipment] 900 point to point

said by Inssomniak:

Assume Max EIRP for the band. 36dbm at his end.
Assume a 24 dbi grid at your end.
Assume a -74 RX sens at best modulation.(assuming 80211)

I was assuming 24dbm from the radio, 6dbi antenna gain on his end, and 18 on mine. That gets me to -76, possibly higher, so looks like it could work. There is absolutely nothing in between but air.

said by jim_p_price7:

The WISP may have some hard and fast rules about distance limits designed to prevent himself from winding up with difficult to support marginal clients.

Perhaps if you offer to do all the legwork (research, buying your own gear) you might have a chance.

Maybe. The guy really doesn't want to be in the wireless business anymore, and his RF guy left years ago. I work with RF everyday, but this wireless internet stuff, fresnel zones, etc, is new to me. I deal in high power RF, and did analog cellular and mobile radio systems back in the day. I'd be more than happy to do the legwork on it, but he just seems uninterested.


Fort Frances, ON

If the WISP doesn't want to make the shot work, try to get permission to hang your own radio on his tower and get him to provide the internet feed to it.
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