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United State
reply to Fighterpilot

Re: [Availability] 10 years later, still no DSL from AT&T availa

said by Fighterpilot:

"Why not provide DSL service to rural areas because it is the right thing to do?"

Right thing for who to do? AT&T, the gubment, you?? If there's no money in it, it's not going to come. Go start your own company and offer DSL but first go read an economics book.

Broadband internet creates jobs and more opportunities. Think about it for a second. If a rural area also offered DSL service, do you think more people would be willing to move there? The cities are over-crowded in America. Space is running out and more people are literally being forced to move for all the wrong reasons. If services like DSL were available to more rural places then a lot more people would move there. When is the last time you were on the road or on vacation and looked out and saw all of these open lands with a few houses here and there? Its everywhere! But these places don't have access to DSL. That is a big reason why these places are so deserted. Everyone wants to live in the cities because the cities have it all. I just feel a business as large as AT&T could knock 2 birds with 1 stone and bring more people to rural lands to expand economical growth, more opportunity and help with the over-crowding crisis. Hmm, this is more like a flock of birds with 1 stone.


Huntsville, AL
·AT&T U-Verse
Agreed. As much as I despise government regulation, when the power grid was constructed, the only reason electric companies supplied power to rural areas was due to a government mandate.

I haven't seen many utility companies go out of business, but rest assured, they would have never built out the power grid to rural areas if the decision had been solely based on profitability.

If America is to remain competitive with the rest of the world, convenient access to competitive high speed internet is just as important as electricity.