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Montreal, QC
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Delays in voice transmission

I'm trying voip.ms on a PAP2T in parallel with another VOIP landline from Videtron I've had for years. I use the Premium routing, disabled silence suppression, use g.711u, picked a server which has a low ping, and my router has QOS which gives right-of-way to the PAP2T. In other words, I think I've done everything right. The echo test gives me a small delay, but it's in the milliseconds.

However, the tests I've done with other local landline owners give me the impression of calling long distance across the Atlantic in the 80s. Sound quality is okay but there is a delay, conversations are not fluid, and I have to repeat myself. That's not good enough and I don't think I'll be able to switch in these conditions.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

PX Eliezer70
Hutt River

1 recommendation

You may want to see this, done by Voip.MS power user Mango:

»www.toao.net/25-linksys-ata-conf ··· guration

Note specifically:

optimal RTP Packet Size setting is 0.02 (that is, 0.020)

As well as the other suggestions there....


Montreal, QC
Thanks! I think the RTP packet size nailed it. I actually toned it down further to 0.010, quality is more important than bandwidth to me. It's a little late to call a relative to test with someone else but I'll be sure to try it tomorrow.