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Victoria, BC
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Re: [AB] Tired of SHAW - looking at TELUS: your experience?

My experiences with telus were mixed. Any time i subscribed to telus or tried to upgrade my services, everything went wrong. (i've switch isps from time to time). One time they lost my order, but because i went from dsl to dsl, i had to cancel teksavvy first. So I was left without internet for a while.

Everytime I tried to upgrade a speed it would never kick in properly. I'd get stuck in tech support hell. Back in the spring when I lived in Edmonton I tried to upgrade from 15mbps to 25mbps. The telephone reps in foreign countries were no help. They sent out two tech's who said the line was fine. I spent countless hours on the phone. Then finally I got a tech in Canada who saw the problem. He sent out a tech... that tech also didn't seem to give a crap. I really had to push him to deal with it and actually check everything. Telus gave me a free month internet to make up for it, but I think my value on time far exceeded that.

I moved to BC and all I could get was 15mpbs internet in my new place. I gave it a few months and tried to upgrade to 25mbps. They said sure you can get the now. They kick in the upgrade. My download speed got worse, upload speed got better. Call them up.. they said oops you don't qualify for that! So I order a downgrade. They never actually downgrade it. I give up, shaw introduced new high speeds, I went to shaw. Just before shaw came in, my telus internet magically went to full download speed (but the upload speed was reduced).

When telus' product works, its awesome. It's goes at the same speed 24/7 and rarely has downtime. The problem is when things go wrong, you have to deal with their tech support and it sucks.


Picture Butte, AB
thanks for the report... I'm staying with Shaw so far, will wait and see...


Picture Butte, AB

Re: [AB] UPDATE - Tired of SHAW -

So I took advantage of a promotion they had for Christmas to have phone, TV and internet (B50) for $99. Now it's over $100 every month, closer to $120. BUT I hoped my speeds would increase. Man, Broadband 50!? Wow... uh... nope.

Well, March 1 2012, and Shaw sent a technician yesterday who changed my modem, the cabling from the box to the modem and did more speed tests. Results were worst than before he came.

I disabled the wi-fi ability of the modem. I am using a LinkSys G router to multiply the signal to the other 3 computers in the house.

"Be that as it may", as Christopher Walken would say, yesterday night I had Graboid suddenly download a show at over 4mbps, sometimes 5mbps. Tonight, I barely hit over 250kbps.

So right now my "Broadband50" is giving me 31 ms ping, an average of 20mbps download (seesawing from 18 to 26 and back), and 2.50 average upload. ?? ??

Trying to reach them on the phone is horrible. Been waiting over an hour, then a ring and... the agent hangs up even though I'm yelling I'm here ! I'm here! Back on the waiting queue.

Just wanted to comment while I'm listening to their inflated self-important marketing messages.