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reply to M I Furst

Re: $34.95 magicJack PLUS to existing customers

I got the offer today and wanted to check it out further before buying. I just re-read the e-mail and figured out that my 5-yr contract I just bought a few months ago would be wasted if I upgraded to the new Plus version. What!? I don't understand how/why I can't just upgrade my device... But what others have mentioned makes the most sense... it's a short term revenue situation I also think will bite them in the rear later.

I also agree with the sentiments of a previous poster. I know this company is legit, but I also feel like I'm being scammed at every turn. The moment I bought the device, I thought it was another "As Seen On TV" scam but worth the risk, then when I renewed a long time ago and his daughter was still on the home page, I thought "this can't be real." The e-mail I got today *really* looked like a scam (double-checked the URLs & SSL certs to be sure!). Their Web site is still very awful, etc.

I *love* my MagicJack, though!! It's completely worth what I've paid for it (and possibly more), but to tell me I'm "special" by offering me a "48-hour" only deal, but, oh yeah, the 5-yr renewal I just bought "can't" transfer to the new device (as if the device has anything to do with my service) doesn't rub me the right way... and I'm sure many others will soon feel the same.

It's tempting to toss my 5-yr renewal in the trash and upgrade again to not have to worry about the dang software app popping up each time I make a call or shutting my PC down and losing telephone, but once again, to agree with a previous poster, the business practice doesn't set well with me and makes me want to bail completely out of disgust.

Anyone remember Netflix's desire to spin off Qwikster? How well did that "to make it easier for YOU, the customer..." surprise decision work out for the company? I don't know how much money Magic Jack actually has by now, but I'm sure it's enough to update their site, run spell/grammar check on their e-mails, and figure out a way to appreciate their current long-term customers more than by offering a discount a month after the device has already been in stores that's only half of what I just paid to renew my service--not knowing at the time all MJ service commitments are per jack & not per customer.


P.S. - Seriously, read this quote from the e-mail ad I received and tell me it looks & sounds professional...

"You will not be able to transfer your old plan to the new magicJack PLUS. That is just one reason why we are offering a 48 hour special to buy the magicJack PLUS at half price. The price right now is $34.95. This price will not last and I wanted to make sure you knew that. This price is less than what we sell it to retailers for. This is not a gimmick, it is truly my way of saying Thank You for being a loyal customer. To make sure you continue to Love my company and always be totally satisfied with us, you will have a FREE 30 day trial period. The offer is on a first come first served basis. We have sold over 7 million magicJacks and we only have 200,000 new magicJack PLUS to offer. After ! that, you will have to wait about 60 days more to get yours."


Evanston, IL
Did anyone actually get to the half-price offer? I used the link which sent me to my login. At that point all that was offered was a 30 trial period and a charge of $69 on the 31st day. Where is the 1/2 price item? Is this bait and switch? I've been waiting for a chat for 1 1/2 hours with no one on the 24-hour chat line available. Anyone else have this problem?

Also, how much is the extended 5 year plan?