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Brooklyn, NY
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reply to N3OGH

Re: Verizon & Comcast in bed together?

said by N3OGH:

What's next? A hundred years of darkness, the dead rising from the grave?

Dogs & cats living together MASS HYSTERIA!!!!

Part of what makes a cable cellco so impossible is the fact that you need the cable industry to work out a business model where they all share network resources and profits and that is unworkable. This is like Verizon trying to work with Centrury tel to breakout to be a power company service provider. They're not even part of the same GRID...

*There are of course greater possibilites once fiber is available just about everywhere... in every city & suburb (end-to-end, not just run a bundle to the border). This would take MASSIVE investmetn by the tier-1 companies and is nowhere near a primary goal for them yet.