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I recommend Start.ca

Pembroke, ON

Month later update...

Got Cogeco internet 14mb (no more bell! yay!) around Nov 1.
Had it a month without any problems.
Decided to get phone with Cogeco.
They came around Nov 28 and hooked it up, a different modem.
A huge RCA brick that looked like it had been kicked around someone's house for 3 years. (scratched and dirty.)
First night my modem had problems. Dropped calls, bad latency, slow internet. I noticed the modem kept rebooting. This was on a connection that, for the last month, had been excellent.
When it didn't stop i called and had a tech in yesterday.
He attenuated the line, then we tried it again but the modem showed the exact same behaviour.
He tried a second USED RCA modem and it couldn't establish a dial tone.
He then brought out a brand new modem out of the box from a completely different manufacturer.
It set up nicely and now is rocking and rolling. No random re-boots or bad connections or dropped calls.
At certain times I'm actually getting above advertised speeds! That NEVER happened with Bell!
I just wonder why he was seemingly forced to waste his time and energy on installing shoddy used equipment when you'd think that customers paying almost $100 a month should at least deserve a new modem.
I don't blame the tech, I blame the bean counters at Cogeco.
The tech was great, he busted his arse to make it work.
TBH most of the techs I've had in my home over the years have been dynamite.
SO if anyone else is having problems with rebooting/resetting/random power cycling modems I hope you get a new one like me!
"There are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous men." - Sgt. Zim.