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18Mps! Imagine that!

There is a difference between bits and bytes.18Mbs is the equation of 18 MBs "18megabytes per second" divide by 8. So in actuallity, your maximum download speed is 2.25 MBs. And most of the time you would be lucky to get a download speed of 225kbps! They cronicle of this is that Bresnan claims these speeds, but due to the fact these other computers are in que of each other is their reason for such slow down speeds! In other words, Bresnan is saying that no other terminal server is as fast as theirs in theory! I say hogwash! I have never been able to download a 1 gig file in less than 45 minutes! When a person calls and complains about slow speed internet speeds, the words that I just wrote is what they hear! All tests show perfect from their end! So what Bresnan is telling you in wordsis, is that your equipment is junk, out-of-date, etc! Bresnan can do this because they have no other compitition! I build computers! I have good and fast equipment! Bresnan just sux!

Powell, WY
I've had them use this argument in the past - that my download from Microsoft, etc doesn't go faster than 5Mb/s is because Microsoft's connection to the internet is slow and their servers can't push much faster than that. The uneducated person might believe this, but those of us in the know call their bluff.