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PX Eliezer7
Hutt River
reply to pabster

Re: A plan only a carrier in Sprints position would allow....

said by pabster:

But both Ma Bell and Big Red keep their MVNOs locked down to sub-par offerings, especially on the data side...getting them lots of customers who would never pay for their expensive [contract] services otherwise.

PagePlus (which uses the Verizon network) now offers this:


Talk n Text 1200---Monthly Plan

1,200 Voice Minutes
3,000 Text/MMS Messages
100 MB Data

for $29.95/mo.


I wouldn't go directly through the company though---use a good dealer like Kitty Wireless.


Page Plus also offers a $ 55 plan with Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text/Picture Messages, 500 MB of Data.


Waterloo, IA

I'm aware of PagePlus' product offerings, including their latest price drops. Still, they are a sub-par offering compared to the contract deals - as intended. Unlimited talk and text (or essentially unlimited) is a standard plan for any carrier now. It's DATA where they stick it to you. PagePlus' overage rates beyond the package data provided are insane...

Not saying PagePlus is bad - I have a line with them in fact. My response was to the point that Verizon and the others are keeping their MVNO offerings sub-par to avoid cannibalizing their cash cow, which always has been - and remains - the postpaid customer locked in to a contract.