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See You On The Dark Side
Louisa, VA
·Verizon Wireless..
reply to BronsCon

Re: [Rant] Leaving Comcast..... if they'll let me go...

said by BronsCon:

Interestingly, the local office here is nice. Lines are a bit long but the people aren't complete assholes like over 10 years on this site (2 years lurking before i signed up) would lead one to expect.

Sounds good. Hopefully they will treat you right. I don't trust my home office, they have screwed up many a time in 12 years I have been with them..mostly billing.

You have a lot to go over with them, and I can assure you their headquarters listens, and gets the ball rolling fast.
If you trust your local office then that's cool. I would keep the number handy just in case.
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