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Quakertown, PA

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reply to BronsCon

Re: [Rant] Leaving Comcast..... if they'll let me go...

LOL, You didnt get the gift card because you didnt sign the contract. One of the stipulations of the gift card is you sign the contract thru mail or go online and sign it. When you failed to do either your contract reverted to a one year promotion. You wont be charged a ETF but you are still going to owe the balance of your bill. Did you really feel they were going to send you the gift card absent you signing the contract ?. You had the first ninety days to do it. After that the offer changes to a one year promotion because you failed to sign the contract. Most of your problems were you thinking you were getting away with not signing. Kind of funny in hind site. I know well because i did the same thing a few years back. Imagine my surprise 13 months later when my bill went up. Nothing really unfair about it as i went a year thinking i was getting away with something when i wasnt. Bottom line is you never had a contract as you never signed it so nobody is in breach of contract. You canceled so just move on. Expect plenty of collection calls for what you owe plus a hit on your credit report. Maybe in the future remember a contract is only a contract when its signed.


Walnut Creek, CA

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Hahahaha that's funny since they're saying I'm under contract for another 13 months and they're intent on charging me the fee. My point is that they don't have a physical piece of paper with my written signature on it; further, the form I "signed" online stated 12 months. I don't think I'm "getting away with not signing", I'm saying, assuming I did sign, they can't hold me to the contract since they, themselves, did not abide by it. Assuming I didn't? Well, then there's no issue here.

The fact is, they're claiming that I did.

Also, who said I wasn't going to pay my balance?

That said, the girl at the local service center sees things my way and she's going to contact the office tomorrow to pull my contract (said she can't do it from the SC because the account is closed) and call me a little after 5. We'll see how that goes.


Walnut Creek, CA
reply to rody_44

said by rody_44:

I know well because i did the same thing a few years back. Imagine my surprise 13 months later when my bill went up.

Yet you were working for Comcast at the time and know their promotions perfectly; something you've demonstrated already that you do not, both with the story above and by consistently mentioning an imaginary $300 Visa card which is offered currently (you managed to guess which package I was on), but was $250 when I signed up last December -- and is $250 on the next package down, currently.

Don't Comcast employees get free service?