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Sprint phone connect

Sprint Phone Connect is not what they claim. I received my SPC and was happy to sign up for such a wonderful chance to save some money,after all I have been pleased with My cellphone service. But I have changed my mind about Sprint. After finding out that the SPC will not work with wireless home phones. I would have to rewire my whole house and buy new phones. Sprint sure got me. To end my service contract will cost $200.00+ there were many add on fees. For not returning it with in 14 days I (even thou I did not know with in their time limit that it would not work) they are trying to make me keep the thing and pay or pay to get out of the contract. Is this legal, it does not seem fair. does any one out there have a problem with the SPC like mine?


Well, being that you did sign a 2 year contract where it tells you in plain English of all the stipulations, it is, in fact, 100% legal. This is the first problem like this I've even heard of. Rewiring your house seems a bit drastic and unnecessary. I think this is being blown out of proportion.


Itasca, IL
reply to keg143143gm
I have Panasonic cordless phones through out my home with Sprint Phone Connect and no real issues. I do have a basestation for the Panasonics hooked directly to the Phone Connect device.

What are the details of your install?