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Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS

service not uniformly better

I can say that I've been to at least ONE municipality out on eastern LI and they have NOT touched a thing in SOME places where FIOS is not available! Customers getting about 65% of the tier rate (about 9-12mbits). during peak usage times. Last time I checked it was 35% (5 megabits) so there was a modest bump but nothing near the full tier rate. Forget 20/2 on the north shore of LI where cablevision has some micro-monopolies. Isn't it time for VERIZON to fill in these gaps of service?!? Start working with these micro municipalities to get FTTP to the last places of LI left to build.. including gated communities that ONLY have cablevision as a viable broadband service and verizon's copper and you might see Cablevision improve service there too.

Perhaps as you get closer to fullly implemented FIOS geographies in NYC you see optimum reaching and exceeding goals because they have to so they can keep customers from switching to FIOS. That's where you'll actually see them upgrading the fiber lines to handle more traffic and splitting nodes.