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Walnut Creek, CA
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reply to BronsCon

Re: [Rant] Leaving Comcast..... if they'll let me go...

People, I'm not out for blood or money here, beyond what is owed to me per the contract. I'm out to be let out of my contract due to Comcast's failure to live up to their end of things, or for them to live up to that. $105 ETF waived (due to their breach of contract), or $250 gift card (rendering them once again cimpliant with the terms of their own contract), either or, and honestly, I'd prefer the ETF at this point just to be done with it and not have to wait 4-6 more weeks for a resolution.

adsjamias' insinuation that I'm after anything more is ludicrous and I'm wondering what the basis for that was. A $500-1000 settlement would be nice, but honestly it's not gonna happen because it's much more than I'm asking for.

Sorry, I thought I was being clear about that. I've been posting openly and honestly in this thread and the attacks have been unwarranted.

I'll keep you guys up to date regarding my phone call with the girl from the SC (assuming it happens and this thread isn't locked by then) that's scheduled for 9hr from now. If this gets resolved then, I'll post that; if not, I'll post that.