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Max Signal
Buffalo, NY
reply to ArizonaSteve

Re: Formerly Unlimited (really) 3G card

They don't mention it because they can't , They have a non disclosure agreement with the carriers
advanced plan = Verizon
Unlimited Plan = Sprint

Why do they have a setup fee . I don't know maybe they have setup costs involved with the carriers . Bottom line , They are cheaper ( no taxes ) , you get more data and best of all you are locked into a contract if something better does come along. If 3G data is your only option , it is a no brainer.
said by ArizonaSteve:

suceress, thanks for the info and link. They also have software for my U760 modem from VM but I don't think that will work since it's probably locked. Sprint wouldn't tell me anything by email and said to try the Chat feature, which I did. The chat person said that about any Sprint labeled modem would work but not ones from VM or Cricket since they are locked so it looks like I'm stuck with a couple of worthless modems I can't use. Also, they said the modem could be reprogrammed with new firmware over the air.
If I buy the modem from them it would cost me $220 just to try it to see if it works or about $120 if I bring my own modem and I'll still just be getting slow 1.2mb 3G speeds since they don't support 4G unless you go for the high priced $80 plan. That's just way too much expense unless I absolutely couldn't get anything but dialup.
I don't understand why it costs $49.99 for a "setup fee". It seems like that is just for reprogramming the modem to work with their service. If they are selling the modems then they should already come setup like they do for other services that don't have such a fee. It seems to me that if I brought my own modem then tried Millenicom they would reprogram it which would make it useless for anything else then I would be stuck with 3 useless modems.
Also I've since found out that some people are using Millenicom on Verizon but oddly there is no mention of that on their website. If I have a choice I'd rather use Verizon since they have better network coverage.